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When purchasing an existing home, people rarely give much thought to the roof other than to determine whether it leaks or needs extensive repairs. Otherwise, it's just a part of the house taken as a whole. Roofs, however, need to be thought of as more than just the top of the house. Brookline roofing experts can help homeowners install a roof that is attractive and efficient.

The first purpose of the roof is to protect the interior of the building from the elements. Any roof in good repair will do that. However, not every roof shape is appropriate for every climate. For example, people living in areas where there's lots of rain or snowfall will want a roof that's steep so that moisture drains off.

Two of the most common roof shapes used in residential areas are gable and hipped. Both these shapes are relatively simple and lend themselves to a variety of roofing materials. A gable roof consists of two sections meeting at the top, or ridge line, of the roof. The two sections slope downward toward the outside walls, forming an eave. They look like a triangle when viewed from the end. The end walls of the house are extended to the point of the triangle. One advantage of a gable roof is spacious attic space.

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A hipped roof is more complex than a gable roof. The two sections, or slopes, of the hipped roof meet at the ridge line, although they don't always come to a point as the gable roof does. The biggest difference is in the ends, which are a part of the roof rather than an extension of the home's outer walls. The ends are complete triangles if the roof is pointed so that the roof looks like a pyramid.

A hipped roof may instead be flat rather than come to a point. This type of construction doesn't allow for easy drainage of rain or snow, however; the internal support is stronger in hipped roofs than it is in gable roofs. For this reason, hipped roofs, in general, are desirable in areas subject to extreme weather like high winds and hurricanes.

Once climate is considered, the shape of the roof needs to fit the design and size of the building. Gable designs can sometimes offer a bit more flexibility in adding architectural details such as dormer windows. Both styles have many attractive variations. Building codes, the type of roofing material desired and budget are also factors in choosing the design of the roof.

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