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The harsh winter weather is probably the most destructive element a home's roof must endure. Homeowners need to be vigilant during the winter season to make sure that they do not allow small rooftop problems to go unnoticed. When small issues grow into larger problems, homeowners will need to spend more money on repairs. Before calling a Brookline roofing expert, homeowners are strongly encouraged to consider some of the following rooftop issues. By regularly inspecting the roof during the winter, all individuals will be able to have these problems addressed before they lead to costly and time consuming repairs.

One of the biggest problems that many roofs experience during the winter is ice damming. After an ice dam occurs, it can cause serious damage to the rooftop and the interior structures below. Ice dams are especially problematic in areas where winters are known to last several months. In addition to damaging shingles, ice dams can cause leaks and even damage a home's gutters. If a homeowner notices an ice dam forming, they should call a roofing professional to have the issue addressed as soon as possible.

Another problem that homeowners will need to watch out for is blow offs. While blow offs can occur at any time of the year, they are the likeliest to occur during the winter.

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When harsh winds are coupled with fasteners and shingles that have become brittle due to the extreme cold, it is not uncommon for entire sections of the roof's surface to be blown away. In order to prepare for such damage, homeowners should be sure to call the roofing experts during the fall to inspect the integrity of the roof's components.

Homeowners should also be sure to watch for signs of condensation and moisture damage in their attics. This is a common problem that can occur relatively suddenly. Without the proper degree of ventilation, condensation can develop on the inside of the roof's support structures and result in mold and weakening of rafters, trusses and joists. If left alone, the roof's joists may even become weak enough to collapse.

Finally, all individuals should be sure to clear off the excess snow from their roofing system. The roof is designed to withstand high snow loads, but if excess weight is left on the system for too long, the chance of a total collapse increases. If homeowners do not want to remove the snow themselves, they can always call a professional to schedule a cleaning appointment.

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