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Strong winds, falling leaves and steady snowfalls can place added pressure on essential roof components during the fall and winter seasons. Consequently, it's important for homeowners to take preventative steps before the weather changes; starting with a thorough roof inspection by a Brookline roofing professional to identify potential problems.

A good place to start for homeowners is with the gutters. Clogged gutters can cause problems if water backs up and gets into vulnerable spots like attic ceilings and walls or if ice builds up when temperatures drop. Winter freeze and thaw cycles can result in ice dams, which may damage adjacent shingles that are already brittle from the cooler temperatures. Raking off excess snow can help prevent ice dams from forming. Seams should also be checked.

While most roofs are designed to allow snow to naturally slide off, rapid melting from excess heat coming through poorly insulated attics can cause leaks. In addition to reducing the risk of fall and winter leaks, proper attic insulation can also increase overall energy efficiency year round for homeowners.

Chimneys, vents or any other roof protrusions can also be a source of unexpected fall and winter leaks, especially if flashing is damaged or worn. Damage around such areas can often be spotted inside by homeowners by looking for dark spots or plaster that's flaking off along ceilings adjacent to the roof.

A roofing expert from Capital Construction of Brookline MA would be happy to answer any question you have about siding or masonry.

Observant homeowners can point out potential signs of damage so roofers will know where to focus their inspections.

Since most leaking starts with compromised shingles, homeowners can begin their fall and winter preparations by looking for cracked and missing shingles from summer storm damage. Sagging or bending spotted along the roofline is a sign of more serious damage often associated with older roofs.

For homeowners with older homes, it's also worth confirming that kitchen and bathroom vents are actually directed outside and not to the roof, especially if such ventilation was added later. Condensation from cooler temperatures mixing with hotter vent air can result in unexpected dampness and hidden damage either along the underside of a roof or within nearby walls.

Winterizing a roof usually starts in the fall with a general cleaning with a push broom to clear off summer debris. Overhanging tree branches should also be trimmed to further reduce debris that may make a roof more susceptible to leaks. If homeowners aren't comfortable with doing light cleaning on their own, a roofing professional can safely take care of fall and winter roof preparations.

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