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Historic slate roofs have been around for decades. Some have even survived for centuries. Homeowners dedicated to preserving their home's historic roof will need to be committed to regular inspections. Regular inspections will prevent small problems from becoming major problems. If homeowners aren't sure how to perform these inspections, they should consult with a Brookline roofing company with plenty of experience working with natural slate roofs.

Slate may be durable enough to last over 200 years, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need to be inspected on a regular basis. Annual inspections can be done by educated homeowners, but a thorough one needs to be conducted at least every five years by roofing professionals. These detailed inspections highlight any problems that will become significant without immediate resolution. The biggest thing to remember is slate tiles should never be walked on! No matter how gently the inspector walks, the slate cannot withstand the weight of a person when it's hanging on a steeply sloped roof. Any up close examination should be done from a ladder or scaffolding.

The biggest problem that arises with slate roofs is they aren't allowed to drain properly. Whether gutters are backed up with leaves or the roof is covered with debris, these areas will trap moisture and create prime conditions for slate deterioration and subsequent leaks.

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Gutters should be checked every couple of months and thoroughly cleaned as needed during the spring and fall.

The slate obviously needs to be looked over. Tiles that are damaged in any way should be noted. Even if the tile appears to be in good condition, the roofer should perform sounding on tiles to ensure they're still functional all the way through. While slate lasts for a very long time, that doesn't mean the other elements on the roof last as long. Fashing will deteriorate fairly quickly, and it needs to be checked for loose fasteners or any corrosion. The roof deck is integral in supporting the weight of the slate tiles, stressing the importance of having it properly checked for wood rot. The fasteners holding the tiles can deteriorate quickly and will need to be replaced before slipped tiles occur. Corroded or rusted nails should be removed and replaced to keep the tile securely attached.

No matter how a slate tile roof looks, it still needs to be inspected regularly. These inspections will make the difference between minor repairs and major structural damage.

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