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The spring is a great time to make a list of roof maintenance tasks; that way, homeowners can address any issues that might have arisen during the fall and winter, from moisture accumulation around the home's foundation to built up debris in the gutters.

The roof is important because it offers the majority of protection to the other areas. Homeowners are encouraged to contact a Brookline roofing inspector to conduct a thorough examination of the surface of the roof. The inspectors will ensure that the shingles are in good condition, and if they discover shingles that are discolored, missing, warping, peeling, or alive with mold or algae, they will most likely recommend that the affected areas be replaced as soon as possible. They will closely examine the areas around the chimneys, pipes, and vents to ensure that there are no gaps in the flashing and that rust or corrosion has not damaged the materials.

Inspectors will pay attention to the soffit and fascia board because it's common for snow accumulation and ice dams to cause these vulnerable areas to become rotted.

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Not only will this create an ideal living situation for small animals and insects to nest in, but if the rotted areas are not fixed in a timely manner, it could allow water to damage the roof deck as well. The costs associated with repairing a deck can be expensive because there are several layers on top of the deck that the contractors might have to remove in order to access it. A damaged deck can create structural problems, such as a sagging roof, which can be a major dilemma.

In addition to examining the exterior surface of the roof, contractors will most likely examine the interior walls and ceilings as well. Water marks or dark trails on these surfaces typically indicate the presence of water leaks, and as long as inspectors have noticed the leaks relatively early on, they should be able to repair the leaks before they lead to mold growth inside the home.

In addition to tackling a list of maintenance tasks for inside the home, homeowners are encouraged to pay attention to the outside perimeter of their home as well. They should make sure the foundation and siding are in top notch condition because signs of problems in these two areas often stem from the roof. Homeowners should also ensure the perimeter of their roof is clear of overhanging tree branches.

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