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The roof on any type of building is constructed to last several decades to protect the interior of the property. The structure is built to remain durable in the middle of heavy snowfall or high winds. Unfortunately, termites are known to destroy the structure in several months. To prevent termites from making their way through the roof, and creating the need for a roof replacement, there are a few steps homeowners can take with the help of a Brookline roofing professional.

Homeowners should keep wood piles and stacks of wood several feet away from the home, which is known to be a food source for termites. Instead, keep the piles elevated and off of the ground, if possible. This will make the building less alluring to the insects.

Clogged gutters are another reason that termites invade roofs due to moisture that is left in the metal structure. The rain gutters should be cleaned out every few weeks to remove soggy leaves from attracting the insects.

Improper drainage is another problem that invites termites due to standing water or puddles that can develop.

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Termites can easily survive on the water and will eventually find their way onto the roof if the moisture is next to the home.

Overhanging tree limbs and overgrown bushes are another cause of termites. The trees and bushes can provide a point of access for the critters to the roof. Cutting back the trees every few months will prevent termites from finding their way onto the roof as easily. This will also stop the branches from growing back too quickly.

Another effective step to take is to have the property treated regularly by a termite professional. This will make the roof less appealing to termites due to chemicals that are sprayed, especially in the southeast regions where the problem is commonplace. Windows or doors on the building should also have screens installed to prevent termites from entering the home.

Scheduling a routine roof inspection will also catch the problem, if it ever occurs, before it becomes too severe. A professional roofer will immediately be able to inspect the roofing structure and repair any wood that is damaged to keep the structure intact. The wood will need to be replaced with pressure treated lumber, which is known to reduce the risk of infestations. Chemical and non chemical solutions can also be used by homeowners to kill the termites if the infestation is limited.

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