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Cleaning a sloped roofing system can be difficult for homeowners who do not have the expertise necessary for such a procedure. Cleaning a flat roofing system, on the other hand, can be much simpler because of how easy the rooftop is to access. Cambridge roofing professionals will recommend that homeowners clean their roofing systems roughly once or twice a year in order to avoid major surface damage. Not only can cleaning the roof help homeowners get more service life out of it, but the process can help roofing professionals by providing them with a cleaner surface to inspect when they are called to the property. By following this simple cleaning process, homeowners will be able to make the most of their roofing system.

First, homeowners should be sure to gather all of the necessary ingredients. They will need to have a garden hose, a ladder, a cotton mop and a soft bristle broom. For the cleaning solution, they will need to have trisodium phosphate and quick and easy access to their garden hose.

To begin the cleaning process, homeowners should be sure to carefully sweep all of the debris off of their roof with the soft bristled broom. When getting up on the roof, homeowners should be sure to have a friend watch them from the ground so that the homeowner avoids accidents and falls.

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Once all of the debris has been swept off of the roof, homeowners should be sure to continue by mopping the roof with a cotton mop. The correct way to mop the surface is to soak the mop in water and then swab the roof in its entirety. The roof should be left to stand for 20 minutes afterwards before homeowners mop through for a second time.

After the mopping is complete, homeowners will need to spray their roof with water from the garden hose. This can be a good way to rinse the vast majority of the remaining dirt and grime away. A quick rinse is usually enough to get the desired results.

Once the roof is ready, homeowners should then apply the trisodium phosphate to key sections around the roof according to how dirty they are. Homeowners should be sure to watch out for grime, grease, algae and mold as they clean. The solution should be mixed with water according to the instructions and then applied with the mop. Once the necessary areas have been taken care of, homeowners can finish by rinsing the surface.

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