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When humid air is trapped in an attic, it can cause a number of problems. Since most of an attic's support structure is wood, it can be damaged by the moisture in air and eventually lead to rot. If the insulation that is used in a roof is natural, it is also susceptible to rot, but even synthetic insulation will not work as effectively if it is damp.

Along with direct physical damage to a roof's structure, moisture can also lead to mold, which can cause medical issues for members of a household. Therefore, it is very important that an attic has a working ventilation system to help circulate moist air out.

One common way that a Cambridge roofing service will ensure that an attic has proper ventilation is to use a combination of vented soffits and a vented gable. Soffits are what go in the space where a roof hangs over an outside wall. If soffits are vented, air can flow through them from outside and into the attic.

Baffles can be installed around where air enters an attic through soffit vents and prevent insulation from being disturbed by the airflow.

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Air can then escape through a vented gable, which is usually located near the apex of the roof.

Airflow ensures that humid air is drawn out of an attic, helping to prevent a buildup of moisture. This can also help keep an attic cooler in the summer. Without airflow, stagnant hot air can increase the temperature inside a home, forcing an air conditioner to run longer to keep the home comfortable.

Additionally, if the temperature in the attic rises high enough and a roof has asphalt tiles, the tiles may warp from the heat. Keeping air flowing through an attic during the winter can also help prevent ice dams from forming thanks to natural convection, which is where moving air creates heat.

Simply having a ventilation system is not enough. There are many ways that may not be obvious that can cause a ventilation system to fail to operate properly. For example, if a soffit has vents but they have been painted over, it may prevent air from actually flowing through them.

Additionally, if soffits are not installed in a place that allows air to flow through them into the attic, they may as well not even have vents. A professional roofing service can inspect an attic and ensure that the ventilation system is working properly.

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