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When metal roofs were first available, there were only a few choices of color. Copper roofs are placed in their natural color and would start shiny then turn green. Aluminum and steel came in a few colors, but they wouldn't last and needed painting. Today, metal roofs are sealed with a paint that is treated with a special acrylic resin that blocks ultraviolet light. This type of paint comes in many colors giving homeowners a whole spectrum in which to make their choice. According to Cambridge roofing professionals, the current industry standard is a paint finish that comes with a 30 year warranty.

When choosing a color for the metal roof, one should consider the overall style of their home. If a homeowner has a brick home with lots of texture, they will want a color that does not draw as much attention to itself. A darker color or one that is neutral works in this case.

Dark and light color roofs have different effects on a house. A dark roof will make a high peaked roof seem shorter and less overwhelming while a light color can help a flatter roof seem taller. A homeowner should consider the eco friendliness of light roof, as it reflects more of the sun rays than a dark roof does. If the home is located in the north where it is cooler all year, installing darker metal roofing will allow the house to be warmer as the sun's rays are absorbed into the roof and passed on to the home below.

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A homeowner should also consider surrounding homes when choosing a roof color. Having a roof color on one's home that stands out against other homes in the neighborhood may affect its selling potential. When the choices of color are down to two or three, check them against what the neighbors have on their roofs to compare curb appeal.

If the home has solar heat, or will in the near future, the homeowner will want a light color roof to reflect sun's rays. A white metal roof has an Energy Star rating as a cool roof. This is important when there are solar cells gathering the sun's rays resting on the metal roof tiles.

One central issue to keep in mind when having a metal roof installed, there can always be a change in color if they are unhappy with their choice of color or if there is a change in the color of the home and the roof no longer matches. A homeowner does not have to wait the 30 years it takes for the paint on the roof to become worn as the roof can be painted at any time.

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