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More often than not, a roof will develop a slight leaking problem years before the roof itself needs to be replaced. If left unattended, these minor injuries can transform into major ones, but with the help of a Newton roofing professional, they can be dealt with easily and affordably. A leaking roof poses a direct threat to the house below it. Water damage can spread throughout the affected area, allowing mold to grow and the structural integrity of the house to decrease. As soon as a roof leak is suspected, measures should be taken immediately to minimize the consequences.

Roof leaks are caused by several common and relatively mundane faults that occur over time or following severe weather. The culprit will typically be a cracked flashing or broken shingles, eroded seals where planes of a roof come together, or perhaps a crack in the chimney. During the winter, ice dam buildups can sneak moisture past a roof's protective materials, or clogged gutters may prevent water from traveling to the ground. Whatever the case, the source of the leak can be easily determined from the areas affected.

If the problem is simple, so too will be the solution.

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From the rooftop, a contractor will be able to identify and fix any and all faults on its surface. Flashing can be replaced with minimal disruption of the shingles around it, and broken shingles or slates are just as easily repaired. Other repairs may take more time. If the damage is caused by the failure of vents in the attic, for example, one will have to isolate and treat mold growth while creating ventilation solutions. Annual checkups throughout the year will produce the same results but will prevent the possibility of any water damage occurring. Most contractors will report any other issues that may cause problems in the future in addition to repairing the ones at hand.

Some damages are completely preventable via independent maintenance. Cleaning gutters and raking ice from a roof may not be the most enjoyable tasks, but for a minimal investment of time and energy, one can complement yearly servicing with their own good habits. Regular inspection and maintenance goes a long way towards extending the lifespan of a roof and keeps expensive damages and repairs at bay.

Ultimately, roof leaks aren't always predictable and preventable, but they do not have to be as severe as they may seem at first. As long as the damages are met with a quick and effective response, they will be very minimal in the long run.

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