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Although the price of metal is on the rise, so is the prevalence of metal roofing. This trend is largely due to advancements in the manufacturing process, installation techniques and maintenance measures. For many homeowners, the advantages provided by these refinements far outweigh the costs.

One of the big advantages to metal roofing is just how light the materials are. Consider that a roofing square of asphalt shingles usually weighs about 250 pounds. Metal roofing squares, on the other hand, can weigh as little as 50 pounds, and they rarely weigh more than 150. Therefore, if a Brookline roofing company requires 12 squares to roof a home, then that's a difference, on average, of 0.9 tons.

Compared to an asphalt roof, where each shingles must be installed individually, metal roofs tend to be very easy to install. The material typically comes in large sheets, which means that large sections of the roof can be covered at a time. Therefore, while the cost of metal is on the rise, the reduced transportation costs and labor costs associated with a metal roof often help to offset that difference.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of a metal roof is its life span. Most metal roofs easily last three decades, and many can remain in great condition for 50 or more years. This longevity is what really puts the cost of the raw material into perspective.

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Metal is expensive, but the cost of a metal roof is usually considerably lower than the other kinds of roofs that can achieve these long lives, including slate roofs and wood shingle and shake roofs.

Better yet, metal roofs tend to require very little maintenance. They do require a protective coating, and that protective coating normally needs to be reapplied every five years or so. Therefore, it's necessary to factor that maintenance into the total cost of ownership. Beyond that, however, there are very few maintenance costs. Metal roofs generally don't require cleaning, and they are rarely damaged. Regularly replacing shingles and flashing is something a homeowner with a metal roof doesn't have to worry about.

Finally, metal roofs tend to be energy efficient. Metal roofing is often reflective, which helps to keep the home cooler. In addition, metal roofs are far less affected by inadequate attic ventilation. It doesn't reduce the need for adequate attic ventilation, but it does reduce the long-term costs associated with it. While metal roofs do have a low R value in terms of insulation, proper installation accounts for this with dead air space between the metal and sheathing that increases insulation and energy efficiency.

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