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In regions where thermal insulation is a top priority, polyurethane foam is a big seller. This mixture of isocyanate and polyol has a very high R-value when sprayed on as a roof membrane. It keeps the building's interior warm during the winter months and cool during the summertime. With an energy savings of 30 percent or more, spray polyurethane foam roofing continues to rise in popularity. Brookline roofing professionals can offer further information about these strong, versatile systems to property owners who are seeking a low maintenance product. Although a spray foam roof is more expensive upfront than a basic shingle system, it outlasts its cheaper counterpart and proves to be a worthwhile investment.

The manufacturing process of polyurethane foam requires that the isocyanate and polyol be fed into a machine to be heated and subsequently pumped into a spray gun. The two substances are then mixed together and developed into the foam that can be sprayed directly onto the roof sheathing. As long as the substrate is clean and dry with no oil on its surface, the foam will go on smoothly. It is in liquid form during the spraying process, but it quickly dries and hardens into a solid, durable structure without seams.

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Local building codes determine the method used to fasten the roofing material to the decking. Once the elastomeric topcoat has been applied, the installation is complete.

SPF roofing systems have many benefits that offset their initial cost. They require very little maintenance, yet they last for decades. At approximately 50 pounds per square, they are more lightweight than most roofing products on the market. The flexibility of the foam makes it a viable option for roofs with irregular shapes and penetrations. Since the polyurethane foam is seamless, it lacks the potential for leaks that is present in many other types of roof structures. While spraying on the foam, technicians can create specific areas of thickness so that water will drain properly. Cracks usually occur in the preventive coating rather than the hardened foam, but in rare instances when the membrane incurs damage, the resulting leak is very isolated for easy repair.

The insulating feature of spray polyurethane foam is particularly useful in industrial settings. Chemical processing plants and facilities for the oil industry are frequently covered with this roof type. Although the foam can be sprayed onto virtually any kind of surface, most SPF systems are chosen for flat or low sloped rooftops. They can be walked on for maintenance purposes without cracking but may occasionally need a new elastomeric coating.

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