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Steep sloped roofs offer many advantages. From their imposing aesthetics to their unmatched ability to shed water and snow, they can easily outperform regular or low sloped alternatives. With these advantages comes increased cost for labor and maintenance, however. The extra labor costs and safety requirements of these jobs require Cambridge roofing contractors to plan carefully when bidding. Due to the complexity of steep slope roofing installation and service, hiring a contractor with the right expertise is even more critical than on standard slope projects.

Steep slope roofing is usually considered anything with a pitch above 14 degrees. Simply moving around on steep slope roofs is a task that requires expertise. Regular slope and low slope roofs can be walked on fairly easily without assistance. Steep slope roofs, on the other hand, require toe boards to be installed to give the roofers solid footing from which to work. These boards run across the slope of the roof and are typically nailed to the decking through the shingles. In addition to toe boards, safety lines must be anchored and lowered from the ridge to prevent serious injury or death in the case of a fall.

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The prep work alone can take most of a day, and should give homeowners an idea of where the extra cost comes from.

Aside from the extra safety equipment, labor costs are typically increased for steep slope roofs due to the extra fatigue working on such surfaces causes roofers. Two hours is the generally accepted length of time a roofer can work on a steep slope before fatigue begins to affect the safety and quality of their work. To account for this, roofing contractors use larger crews on steep roofs with the ground crew and the roof crew switching places every couple of hours to rest and recover. This essentially requires contractors to maintain two crews on site to keep the project running smoothly. The last thing a homeowner wants is substandard work that is the result of worker fatigue.

One final reason these jobs are more expensive is the necessity of hauling the roofing materials up to the roof in small quantities. The steep slope prevents staging of supplies around a roof. Having to lift everything as it is needed requires much more exertion on the part of the roofers and continual oversight and communication with the supervisor.

Steep sloped roofing is a great long term investment long term when it is installed properly. Homeowners would be wise to shop around for a contractor with plenty of first hand experience installing these types of roofs.

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