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Gutters do more than just help water flow off of Cambridge roofing. They provide a pathway so that water does not splash against outside walls or collect along the base of a home. Water flowing through gutters is delivered to the downspout and is deposited at a safe distance away from the house. This helps to prevent mold from forming and ensures that the foundation does not suffer water damage.

When gutters are in poor condition, they may have a number of leaks. If gutters rust through, there can be small imperfections around the seams. Since allowing this to happen can cause a number of expensive issues, people should replace gutters once they are no longer able to do their job properly.

Homeowners have a variety of materials to choose from when they need to have new gutters installed, and some of the most common are vinyl, aluminum, steel and copper. There are also wooden gutters available, but they tend to be used only for restoration jobs and they do not perform nearly as well as other options. They can also be very costly.

Vinyl gutters are a fairly popular option, especially among people who enjoy "do it yourself" projects. They are able to be painted a variety of colors, will not rust or corrode and can be easy to install.

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The downside is that this material is not a particularly sturdy one compared to alternatives. Even leaning a ladder against vinyl gutters can result in damage, and they may crack in sunny climates.

Aluminum gutters, also called K style gutters, are some of the most popular varieties, and they are strong, lightweight and available in a seamless format. They can last around a decade, but they may be susceptible to rust over time.

Although they are a more expensive option than vinyl or aluminum, steel gutters are also stronger than either material. Steel gutters are able to stand up to ladders being propped against them and even may be able to shake off branches falling on them. However, they may rust if they are not painted inside and out.

Cooper gutters are another expensive option, but they do offer the benefit of being very strong like steel is. They require less maintenance than other materials, and they never rust or need painting. The drawback to copper gutters is that they may turn green due to oxidation if they are not treated with a sealant.

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