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If homeowners begin to smell strange odors from the attic, that is an indication that something may be wrong. Because it is likely that the cause of the odors could be associated with water damage or other roof related problems, homeowners should contact their local Newton roofing contractors to see what the problem is.

Poor ventilation is a major cause of bad smells that can escape from the attic. When the ventilation system is inadequate, moisture levels can accumulate over time, ultimately resulting in the growth of mold and mildew. Both of these fungi have a very musty odor associated with them. If the problem spreads enough, that musty odor can potentially get into the HVAC system only to be circulated throughout the home.

Leaks can also cause mold and mildew to grow rampant in the attic. Again, this is mainly a problem for those who do not take the time to properly inspect the attic or their roof. Leaks can be caused by a failing roof or flashing that has degraded. This may be a sign that the roof needs to be replaced.

A second major cause of strange odors is animal infestation.

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Mice, rats, raccoons and even bats are known to scatter feces and urine throughout the attic. The odors are often pungent and can pass through walls and ceilings. Not only are the odors a problem, but animals cause severe damages to the wiring and the roof structure, potentially making a home unsafe. If animals are found making nests, an expert will have to remove them before the roofer can get in to assess the damages. Rafters or joists that have been chewed through may have to be removed and repaired. Urine soaked insulation will also have to be discarded and replaced.

In order to prevent odors in the attic, a local roofer should work to air seal the attic, ensure that animals cannot get in and check for leaks. In some cases, the soffits and fascia may have rotted through, allowing small critters to seek shelter. These components can easily be replaced. By air sealing the attic, any odors that do occur in the attic will not be as easily transmittable to the living space. Finally, keeping moisture levels down in the attic will prevent mold and mildew from growing.

Homeowners should always be vigilant when it comes to their roof and attic. If they ignore strange smells that may be coming from the attic, they could be facing serious damages and expensive repairs.

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