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At some time, most homeowners will come to a point where they will need to have their roof replaced. When this time comes, there are many decisions that will need to be made. For example, choosing the right style of shingle as well as deciding between reroofing or a complete roof tear off will certainly be major considerations.

Some homeowners choose to have their home reroofed because they are looking for a short term roofing solution. Others choose reroofing because of budget concerns. While there are certainly some circumstances where reroofing makes sense, it is important that homeowners who choose this option understand both the pros and the cons.

Newton roofing contractors can usually install new shingles over the existing roof. However, generally, only two layers of shingles can be installed on a roof. There will be times when reroofing is not possible, such as when the home has already been reroofed, when there is significant roof damage that needs to be fixed or if there are structural issues. Homeowners who want to pursue reroofing should discuss this option with their roofing contractor.

A home that has been reroofed will often have a very distinctive look. The extra layer of shingles gives the roof a more rippled look, rather than the more streamlined look that one gets when shingles are installed directly on the roof deck.

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Additionally, because the added shingles can trap heat, homes that have been reroofed generally take much more energy to cool. This can impact monthly cooling bills.

Another big problem with reroofing is that it can decrease the life expectancy of even the highest quality shingles. When new shingles are installed over the old roofing materials, they sit on an uneven surface that lacks the rigid stability that a clean roof deck can provide. These shingles will fail much sooner than shingles that are installed on a flat deck.

While saving money is often the primary motivation for reroofing, the higher cost of cooling as well as the need to replace the roof sooner than necessary should be factored into any savings the homeowner expects to realize. In addition, the savings incurred by reroofing are only temporary. When the home needs a new roof, the only option will be to have a complete tear off. This will typically cost more because there are two layers of shingles. Disposal of the materials and labor costs will generally be higher.

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