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A garage might not be used as living quarters, but it performs many important functions for property owners. This space, which may share walls with the home's living spaces, is typically where a family's cars are kept. Many families also use the garage to store off season decorations, lawn and garden supplies, pet items and many other things. To protect everything inside, the garage must have a properly functioning roof. Insulation installed by experienced Newton roofing experts can help the garage's roof last longer by minimizing problems such as water leaks that could damage the goods within the space.

In places that experience extreme temperatures, such as cold winters and hot, humid summers, an insulation's thermal resistance is important. If space for adding insulation is at a minimum, homeowners should select the material with the highest R value. Roofers can help homeowners sort through the options and choose one based upon whether the garage is attached or detached and has an attic space or not.

For garages with no attic space, there are several options that roofers can use. Sprayed foam is the easiest to apply, as a long nozzle attached to a large sprayer can easily reach the roof's rafters. Open cell sprayed insulation has an R value of about 4, while closed cell foams are rated at about 8.

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The sprayed foam also acts as a vapor barrier that protects against the formation of condensation. Shallowly pitched roofs may benefit from the placement of polyurethane sheeting on top of the cured foam because it will add further layer of moisture protection.

Another good option for insulating a garage with no attic is rigid foam board insulation. This material comes in large sheets. Some are unfaced, while other varieties come with an attached radiant barrier. Foam board insulation with a built in barrier can help keep heat out of the garage, which can lower the home's air conditioning costs if the garage shares a wall with the home's living areas. The foam boards are nailed into place between rafters. If there are any small gaps between the boards and rafters, sprayed foam can be used to fill them.

Garages that have an attic have a few additional options for insulation. Loose fill is a popular choice due to its environmental friendliness. The most common type is made from cellulose, which consists of recycled newsprint and paper fibers. Recycled cotton and wool are also available. Large garage attics can also utilize rolled fiberglass insulation, foam boards and sprayed foam.

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