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The combination of heights, slippery surfaces, heavy materials and power tools make roofing a very dangerous activity. Homeowners who decide to perform roof maintenance without the help of a professional would be wise to follow the advice provided by Newton roofing experts.

Whether conducting a routine inspection of a roof or complete reroofing project, the safety precautions to take remain much the same. Falls from roofs cause hundreds of injuries and several deaths each year, but they can be prevented. Personal protective equipment and the correct type of clothing are the first line of defense against falls from a roof. Anyone working on a roof should always wear rubber soled shoes or boots to ensure the best traction. Safety glasses and gloves should also be worn. Safety harnesses that attach by rope to a fixed point on the roof are available at most home improvement stores. Any homeowner attempting to complete roof maintenance should use a safety harness.

Ladders are used with almost every roofing project. High quality aluminum or fiberglass extension ladders are readily available everywhere. A good ladder does not bend or wobble when it is being used.

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Never extend a ladder to its full length, and always have at least a 3 foot overhang where it touches the roof to make sure it will not slip off. It is always recommended to have a second person stabilize the bottom of the ladder. The ladder can also be secured to the fascia of the house with rope.

For homeowners with large roofs or for those who will be performing work on multiple roofs, it may be a good idea to rent scaffolding. It is not expensive and it is well worth the money. Scaffolding eliminates the need to travel up and down a ladder to get to the roof. Always place scaffolding on solid ground and ensure it is level to prevent it from tipping over.

The roof jack is an invention designed with the safety of roofers in mind. They are often used to provide extra protection on steep roofs. Roof jacks are available at all home improvement stores. The jacks are simply nailed into a sturdy rafter and a board is slid in between the two jacks to provide a solid platform to stand on. Roof jacks can be installed at multiple locations along a roof to give workers a network of stable platforms. Roof jacks also serve as a good backstop for the collection of roofing material.

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