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When homeowners want an addition to the home that's not a huge investment, Capital Construction has the answer with outdoor deck systems. Adding a deck outside a living room or kitchen adds significant value and functionality to nearly any property. These decking professionals design and install decking home extensions for decades of enjoyable use.

Capital Construction's first step toward deck installation success is basic inspection. These experts need to evaluate the structure and yard for stability and design ideas. Strong support wood is required for secure deck connection points. If the house does not accommodate a decking system, Capital Construction will communicate with the homeowner to achieve the best possible solution. Our contractors design several deck concepts to give homeowners the best choices for their investment.

Deck installation can take a few days or even several weeks, depending on the chosen design. Capital Construction is proud to use Trex decking as a common homeowner choice. Standard pressure treated wood decks and even Timber Tech customized products are possible with Capital Construction's flair for unique decking. We simply need the yard space and concrete supports to build a dream outdoor deck.

Capital Construction goes over all maintenance schedules with homeowners after the project is complete. One yearly appointment is the minimum care a deck should receive. Professionals look for any wear through the seasons, including cracks, warping or rot. Warranties come with properly installed decking, making this investment a smart one when homeowners remain at the property for many years.

Sealants and coatings are often suggested for the new deck based on Capital Construction's experience. Coatings are sprayed, rolled or brushed on, allowing the surface to have a protective layer against weathering and insect damage. It's a smart idea to have coatings reapplied through the years as recommended by Capital Construction professionals. Keeping the wood looking brand new is the goal with any deck.

Capital Construction understands homeowners have many choices for their decking needs, so shopping around is only natural. These professionals display their expertise through design strategies and use of top materials in the industry. With sound construction techniques at each job site, Capital Construction customizes each deck to please and entertain all family and friends.

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