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Masonry is the art of building something from small individual units like bricks or stones that are bound together with mortar. As a highly durable construction technique, masonry is widely used in the building of homes, fences, fire pits and even skyscrapers. Property owners with homes that feature concrete masonry exteriors can rely on our experienced contractors at Capital Construction for their repair and maintenance needs.

Homes built with a masonry exterior tend to be stronger, last longer and are more resistant to fires, insects and severe weather. The three changeable conditions of masonry structures include the patterns used by the masons, the type of mortar used to glue the units together and the quality of workmanship. Capital Construction offers meticulous work on all masonry repair and building projects.

When a property owner wants a brick or stone wall built to function as part of a house, a fireplace or another residential structure, hiring an experienced mason from Capital Construction is essential to the success of the finished project. Masons are taught the art and science of working with clay, cement and other materials. The team at Capital Construction works with diverse materials such as travertine, marble, limestone, cast stone, glass blocks and concrete blocks.

Homes and buildings made of masonry are energy efficient and resistant to impacts from projectiles. Capital Construction can help homeowners learn about the structural benefits of high quality masonry work.

Compared to houses built of wood, masonry homes and walls can last for 500 years or more if quality workmanship and a strong lime mortar were used during the construction process. Capital Construction uses gold standard materials to ensure a finished product that lasts.

Property owners can select from many styles of masonry work. Uniform masonry provides a sleek and streamlined finish. This is typically used for the exterior or veneer walls of a home. The other leading technique that Capital Construction offers is the rustic or freestyle of bricklaying, which has become popular for the construction of fire pits, fireplaces, garden walls and outdoor water features.

Capital Construction offers detailed estimates for every projects and works hard to ensure homeowner satisfaction.

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