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Plaster is used to coat walls and ceilings built with lath. This method of construction was popular in the early 1900s, before the development of inexpensive sheet rock or drywall. People who purchase homes with plaster walls may desire to maintain them due to the character and historic nature of the house.

Our professionals at Capital Construction offer repair and replacement for the four primary types of plaster, which include gypsum, limestone, cement and heat resistant plaster. They can fix nail holes, flaking plaster or other problems that detract from the wall's appearance and functionality.

Until recently, the type of plaster used in most residential construction was lime plaster. Although most homes built since the mid 1900s use sheet rock construction for interior walls, Capital Construction continues to offer plaster and lath services. Their dedicated professionals can repair holes or cracks that have developed over the years. The attention to detail provided by our painters at Capital Construction can restore a turn of the century home to its former glory.

Once plaster has hardened, it can be painted. Interior paints may be water, oil or latex based. Our professionals at Capital Construction offer a variety of paints for the interior and exterior of a home. They can also apply specialty finishes including chalkboard styles of paint, as well as paints that glow in the dark or that have crystals that glitter when light is cast upon it.

Exterior paints are generally based on oil or latex. They are made to withstand the effects of weathering, especially exposure to rain, humidity and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Even so, outdoor surfaces generally need to be repainted every few years. Capital Construction can handle the job of scraping off the old paint, repainting and cleaning up the work site upon completion of the work.

Quality workmanship matters to our professionals at Capital Construction in both painting and plaster work. Capital Construction provides full attention to detail and uses high quality products on every job to create a beautifully finished result. For a job that's done right the first time, homeowners can get in touch with the experienced team at Capital Construction.

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