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Capital Construction can provide homeowners with window and door installation services. Each project is customized to suit every client's unique needs. If the customer has never had window or door installations performed, our company's experts will be able to provide customers with information on the advantages and disadvantages of different styles and systems. Homeowners will be enabled to make an informed decision about the best options.

Our company specializes in all types of window installations. We can provide both single and double hung windows for homeowners. These windows are able to open from either the top or the bottom, and the window's panels do not protrude into the interior or out of the exterior of the home, making it ideal for a simple and functional installation.

The Capital Construction professionals can also provide more decorative window options. They can help install picture windows and transom windows as required, while providing customers with advice on which window will work best in what area. For larger and more complicated installations, our experts can also install bay windows that add to a space's natural light. They are designed to protrude from the structure and they are often combined with several stationary windows to create a larger display.

In addition to the variety of windows available, our specialists can install all types of doors and fixtures. The experts at Capital Construction specialize in outdoor and indoor installations, as well as commercial and patio options. Clients can choose between replacements, brand new installations and repairs. If they have a particularly extensive project in mind, they can share the details with the Capital Construction crew and determine what will work best for their home.

Our professionals can also help homeowners by adding fixtures and hardware to their doors and windows. These are available in many different materials and styles. Customers are encouraged to ask the experts about custom work that can result in a unique installation for the home. Capital Construction is highly experienced when it comes to assessing their clients' needs. They can help homeowners by offering them several distinct glass options, which will not only add beauty to the fixture but will also allow customers to save on their energy bills in the future.

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